Using the Right Paint Colors to Make Bathrooms Look Bigger 

Perhaps you’ve heard to only utilize light paint in small areas since dark colors can make a space look smaller. Though this can be true if you paint the whole area of walls in a dark color, the dark colors can work if you properly utilize them.  

This misunderstanding that lighter tones make a wall look further away while darker tones make it look closer isn’t totally correct. If you want to know more about this, you can imagine a shadow and how it provides depth to a section naturally. If you try to paint something with the use of light tones, the result will usually appear flat. 

Light is a complicated element. It draws and highlights our focus. Darkness generates dimension and deepens the area. But, unless you are simply into this type of thing, dark pain tones cannot be as black as shadows. Since a couple of light is reflected off the surface, you still see the dark paint tones. Thus, it is crucial to carefully utilize them.  

You can use this concept when utilizing darker and lighter tones for your bathroom paint project as you look at how shadows generate dimension and depth and how light plays off objects in nature.  

Before you hire Painting Contractors New Orleans, here are some things to consider: 

Use the Lightest Tone on Molding and Trim 

Before, individuals utilize a dark stain on molding and trim work. However, light tones generate a more contemporary feel. To paint the molding and trim in the bathroom, you can utilize the lightest color of the ones you pick. This generates a surface that’s more reflective that attracts attention. On the other hand, the darker and medium tones generate a dimensional effect. Remember that you do not have to stick with cream or white as well. To generate a cohesive look, you can pick choices that pick up small pieces of all various colors of paint as you pick decorations for the bathroom. 

Use the Middle Paint Tone for Most of the Area 

The next tone you pick needs to be utilized throughout most of the bathroom. This color will generate the primary background of your bathroom. 

Utilize Darker Tones to Generate Dimension 

Almost every small bathroom has a shower/tub combo. Typically, the tile is shiny that reflects a lot of light. The best area to paint darker tones is the cove that exists along the shower area and top of the bathtub. The dark tone will generate a new depth in the space because of the contrasting tile surface and light of the tub highlights.  

Choosing the New Color Scheme 

Before you paint your bathroom, you’ll have to choose a new color scheme. The ideal way is to pick 3 colors in dark and light tones that fit together. Look for a color you want and then pick a color that’s 2 shades darker and at least 2 shades lighter. You’ll have to utilize the various shades of paint color to generate dimension the room.