While looking around your kitchen area, you may notice that you are already sick of the old look of your cabinets, which have been watching back at you for many years already. You might want to consider to spruce up your kitchen cabinets with a bit of paint. Paint can cover a lot of imperfections, such as the spots where the varnish has turned thin from scrubbing or any of your wood cabinet’s finish scratches. Though theoretically, you can actually do this task yourself, we are quite persuaded that you will save your extra expense, frustration, and time by employing an expert to perform the painting job and make your kitchen look great afterward. Below are some of the major reasons why you should do this: 

This isn’t a weekend job 

This job is not all about simply applying a few painting coats over your kitchen cabinets and it’s definitely not an easy and quick job. So, before you can even have your project started. You will have to prime and prepare all of the pieces, which includes removing hardware, drawers, and doors. Professionals suggest that you should place aside about 4-7 days to properly clean and prep your cabinets before you could begin. Then, you will require additional time to enable every coat to dry. 

Prepping your cabinets thoroughly is crucial 

You don’t only need to remove all of the cabinets from the base, however, you will also have to enthusiastically prime, sand, and scrub them as well. Every step will result to achieve the greatest potential adhesion between your new paint and your cabinets. Hence, this step is actually a must. 

You should keep everything organized 

Envision pulling off all of your hardware, drawers, and cabinet, and have everything dried, painted, and prepared to put back together just to find out that you’ve accidentally lost important screws or maybe you have cabinets that do not seem right. If you fail to be careful in terms of labeling your cabinets with marker and masking tape while removing them and to forget to keep all of your things within a bag, you will eventually be frustrated as you try to place everything back to its original form. So, it is very essential to have a proper place for the cabinet materials to prevent this from happening to you.  

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